Who are the Science Knights?

About Us

We are the Science Knights. A branch of Lazy Knights Productions who have dedicated ourselves to becoming Science Communicators. But what does that mean? Another way of putting it is this: We are not scientists, but we recognize the importance and necessity of science. As such, it’s important to talk about it, to bring you informed content, and continue that most noble of humanity’s quests of piercing the unknown and peeling back the veil of ignorance. As such you will find a multitude of different questions being asked, from “Where did we come from?” To “Why is the sky blue?” Question the nature of your reality, make educated guesses about what you can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. And above all else, don’t be afraid to be wrong!

Peer Review

None of the Science Knights are scientists (not yet anyway), but just like scientists they’re work needs to be reviewed by their peers. As such, please feel free to correct any mistakes they make or offer dissenting evidence to the assumptions, laws, definitions, or demonstrations they have put forth. Peer review is one of the key aspects of science if only to address inherent bias and perception. Please, critique away!