Episode #1: Science Knights

Science Knights Episode #1: Science Knights. Recorded on 6.8.2017. Welcome to the new Lazy Knights production, Science Knights!! We are striving to talk about one thing. Science. The merits, importance, intensity, and everything else that is great about the natural world will be discussed as part of the Science Knights show! Join a revolving series of cast members once a week for a brand new episode devoted to a different aspect of the natural world. Think critically! Question the nature of your reality. And most importantly…..SCIENCE! Before we go further, lets get the introductions and definitions out of the way. Let’s learn more together! A Lazy Knights Production.

Peer Review:

One of the most important aspects of science is peer review, having one’s work critiqued and repeated in order to make it verifiable. Did we get something wrong in this episode? Let us know! Correct us. Together we can make the world a better place with SCIENCE!

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Science Knights Episode #1: Science Knights
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