Science Knights Episode #1: Science Knights

We Are Go For LAUNCH

Science Knights has launched!!! Yup, we have just released episode #1, aptly named Science Knights.

During our first episode we go through all of the reasons we decided to start a show about communicating the importance, efficacy, and logic of science. But, just in case you wanted a little bit more of a written description…here it is. In segmented, procedural parts.

Waiting4Players. If it weren’t for Waiting4Players, Science Knights wouldn’t have been a thought. That show prompts everyone involved to look deeper into technology and engineering. Granted it may be from a high-level “Oh man, this is so rad, I want this new gadget in my life” perspective, but it all starts somewhere right?


Bill Nye The Science Guy

Bill Nye the Science Guy. Do you live in the United States? Are you between the ages of 55 and 20? Then it is highly likely that you have heard of Bill Nye the Science Guy. If you answered no to any of these questions, that’s fine! Here’s context. American culture – sometimes to its detriment – is very much based on entertainment, the ability to entertain takes a forefront to other values. The Science Guy combined entertainment with science, at the very least adding wit and humor (sometimes campy) to the teaching method.


Carl Sagan. Entire books, television series, and movies have been dedicated to his contributions to science, science culture, science fiction, and every other significant aspect of his genius. Most importantly he was the first popularized science communicator. Something that Science Knights wants to be. Please….if you have a few minutes….listen to his Pale Blue Dot. It will contextualize your universe.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Can you say sexy? Can you say sexy and science in the same sentence? Yes. It’s in the form of this man. Have you seen the recreation of Cosmos? Have you heard him on StarTalk or seen how the man can make anything in the science world seem like the most interesting thing you’ve ever heard? No. Go do that! We are all better as a species with Dr. Tyson breathing our air.

We Are Go For LAUNCH
Dr. Tyson




The final reason for this section of Lazy Knights is that we learn. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to expand your knowledge. And there’s a great chance to do that together……..some thank yous.

Science Knights is the culmination of two months of set up and work between 8-10 different members of the Science Knights, including friends and family. So, first and foremost I want to thank the following people for making this happen. In no particular order…Travis Bundy, Adam Mall, Tyler Kane, Chris Olsen, Peter Bue, Steven C. Smith, Miles Greb, Jonathan Pflugh (pronounced Ploof), and Petra. I could spend a post on each of these people. Not gonna. But seriously, Thank You.

This endeavor also has a co-conspirator. Adam Colwell. Without his equal fascination in the world of science, this project might not have left the ground. And if a small but beautiful piece of science fiction be permitted me…”[he] has been, and always shall be….my friend…”

There’s one final person to thank for Science Knights. That person is you. You and I want the same thing. To be prosperous. To succeed. To be a part of something greater. The best way to achieve those goals is to grow with us. The rising tide raises all ships, and the wave coming through is science. Let’s catch that wave and bring our loved ones with us.

Welcome to Science Knights. We’ll make the world better together!